Opulence, Luxury, Refinement. 

FYORO is a proud Hong Kong based, jadeite-focused luxury brand with over 35 years experience in the jade and gemstone industry. After years of tinkering and adopting a changing-until-optimum mindset, we've harnessed our skills and experience to create and perfect our products. 

We specialize in boutique accessories ranging from luxury wearable jewelry to classy corporate gifts.


Why these Products?

We saw a gap in the market for accessories for accessible prices and quality products, and we simply had to ensure that our customers don’t compromise on price or quality. We are able to provide this, as we provide corporate gifting services so we’re able to get the best materials in larger quantities, so we pass on the scale savings to the retail consumer. We reinvest heavily into constantly providing newer products, and ensuring quality.



We source only the best quality materials, use the best crafters, and ensure that the customer gets the highest caliber product. All of our products are handcrafted and use naturally occurring nuanced materials, so each piece is consistent and unique simultaneously. An esteemed team member in Hong Kong designs all of our pieces, and quality checked at least 3 times before each product is passed as FYOROs.

We use Hong Kong manufacturers only, to leverage on the city's rich 10,000-plus year heritage in jade manufacturing. Hong Kong is renowned for having the best jade cutters in the world.

We're consistent in quality but still maintain the nuances and uniqueness where each piece of natural jade varies slightly. 


About Jadeite

Formed in metamorphic rocks with high pressure and low temperature. Generally naturally found in varying green hues with white patches. 

Durability: Very Good to Excellent

Hardness: 6.50 to 7 Mohs

Specific Gravity: 3.20 to 3.40

Refractive Index: 1.65 to 1.70

Fluorescence: none to faint

Jadeites properties make for the most alluring products, where the optics and touch create a luxurious and mystical semantic. 


Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize customer service, and we ensure a representative deals with each inquiry personally. We stand by every product we provide, and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We take pride in every aspect of FYORO.


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