FYORO Plants Trees

FYORO's founders always knew that one of the best ways to contribute to the world is to fuel the oxygen we breathe; it's for everyone. And just for USD $1, we can plant a whole tree. We have partnered with OneTreePlanted, where every FYORO sale will now contribute USD $1 to planting trees, and all of our consumers have the option to donate additionally.

We don't view environmental help as a choice, we view it as a necessity. FYORO donates per sale, so we have continuous, and sustained contributions. Every year, the founders have also pledged to donate 10% of their personal earnings to the cause. 

Promoting this cause is vital, but acting on it is even more essential. And acting now. We strongly believe in this mission; and please do reach out to us, whether it be to discuss FYORO, OneTreePlanted, or even just to have a passionate conversation about the world. 

Contact us on: info@fyoro.com 

OneTreePlanted Website: https://onetreeplanted.org/

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