Conceptualize & Design

1. Conceptualize & Design

Create and Ideate with your Atelier FYORO representative. We assign one of our esteemed team members to take you from start to the end. Share your vision, thoughts and ideas, and watch us bring it to life. We can take appointments in person or over video call.

Budgeting & Timelines

2. Budgeting & Timelines

Brainstorm viable budgets, and feasibilities. We will set and benchmark timelines, with constant updates and feedback along each process(es).

Raw Jadeite & Materials Selection
Raw Jadeite & Materials Selection

3. Raw Jadeite & Materials Selection

Each FYORO Bespoke Creation is truly unique, due to mother nature creation nuances and identifying patterns in each block of Raw Jadeite. We present viable blocks of jadeite and help you select the best one for your piece. We take you through the factors and go through each quality determinant to find you the perfect piece. We also select any Gold, materials etc.

Final Design & Planning

4. Final Design & Planning

We synthesize and synergize both Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Hand-Drawn Design to finalize your piece. CAD allows us to visualize the design on the Jade, whilst Hand Design allows use to see the Jades natural nuances and hues.

Manufacturing, Jade-work & Gold-work
Manufacturing, Jade-work & Gold-work

5. Manufacturing, Jade-work & Gold-work

Our transparency in our manufacturing processes are well renowned.

  • Blocking and Shaping
  • First polishing
  • Carving
  • Second Polishing
  • Finishing
  • Gold work and Inlays
  • QC and Final Testing

6. Certification

We certify and guarantee all of our Bespoke Pieces for Jadeite authenticity, and Gold hallmarks.

Presenting Your Heirloom Piece
Presenting Your Jewelry Piece

7. Presenting Your Heirloom Piece

We now present/ship your piece to you. We always encourage a call or in-person session at our office to learn about your piece, we always love talking about Jadeite and our pieces. We take tremendous pride in each of our creations. Each of our pieces comes with a FYORO Warranty Card, Cleaning kit, and Gift Pack.

  • Bespoke jewelry

  • Personalized Heirlooms

  • Holiday / Corporate Gifting

  • Create Your Own Bundle

  • Engraving Services

Reach Out To Us For Yours

Please contact us at or by visiting our Contact page for more information. We would be glad to share our corporate presentation, and discuss how we can best collaborate with you.