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Dangling Sphere Jade Earrings (with 14K Gold)

Dangling Sphere Jade Earrings (with 14K Gold)

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Adorn your ears with the 'Dangling Sphere Jade Earrings', our modern twist on a classic design. We let the translucency of the gemstone shine through. Without corners or edges, every angle in the Sphere has the same shape but the nuances in Jadeite ensures every angle is unique.

The bold, simple creation is made and finished by intricate hands. Our precision in modern craft is inspired by the Swiss watchmakers of the 1900s, with oriental nuances.

Materials: 1.20g 14K Gold, 1.40g Jadeite (Total for the pair)

Dimensions: 60 x 8 x 8 mm (each)

Gross Weight: 2.60g (Total for the pair)


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