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Deep Burmese Jade Statement Ring

Deep Burmese Jade Statement Ring

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From our purest forms of Jadeite, we pick the darker tones to create our 'Deep Burmese Jade Statement Ring'. The natural interplay between opacity, translucency, and transparency creates some deeper Green hues in the Jadeite.

This is made from pure, untreated Burmese A-Grade Jadeite. Color hues may vary slightly due to natural materials; each ring is completely unique.

Specifications vary according to Ring Size.

Typical specifications for Size US 10 are shown below (Ring as seen in the images).


Materials; 4.80g Burmese A-Grade untreated natural Jadeite

Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 6 mm

Gross Weight: 4.80g

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