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Earth's Burmese A-Jade Bangle Bracelet 08807

Earth's Burmese A-Jade Bangle Bracelet 08807

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Our 'Earths' Bangle Bracelets are all one-of-one pieces;

This piece is famed for its unique black, grey, green, and white hues with fantastic translucency and optics. The marbling effect creates a depth and tone of hue and pattern, displaying brilliance and scintillation like no other. This piece has no cracks, blemishes, or scratches. With the most sought after fibrous, cloud-like granular patterns and marbling of hues. These structures are like signatures, distinctly identifying each bracelet as truly unique.

Handpicked from the best parts of a Burmese Jadeite Rough stone. The Burmese A-Jadeite is completely untreated, un-enhanced. Certification available upon request for an additional cost.

Perfect to wear on Formal or Casual wear alike. This unisex bracelet has a rich appearance.

Ref: A1EBJBB08807000

Materials: 25.50g Burmese A-Jadeite

Dimensions: 71 x 71 x 7.3mm (Inner Diameter 57.8 mm)

Gross Weight: 23.00g

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