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Gao Longevity (Purple) Jade Bracelet (with 14K Gold)

Gao Longevity (Purple) Jade Bracelet (with 14K Gold)

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The 'Gao Longevity (Purple) jade Bracelet' is a variation on our signature 'Yat' bracelet series; with nine curved and flat Purple Jade bars connected with gold, this represents the numerology of eternity in Chinese tradition. The visually pleasing interaction between Gold and jade is accentuated with this creation. We use a circular clasp connector to play well with the theme.

This creation is our premium iteration, made in collaboration with 'Purple Investments'. Purple blends aggressive red and calm blue, representing balance and royalty.

Materials: 3.1g 14K Gold, 7.2g Lavender Jadeite

Dimensions: 190 x 7 x 3 mm

Gross Weight: 10.5g

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