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Master's Burmese A-Jadeite Infinity Band Ring 09003

Master's Burmese A-Jadeite Infinity Band Ring 09003

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Our finest and most translucent series of Burmese A-Jadeite Infinity Band Rings. Our handpicked exclusive Jadeite is crafted into unique rings, each with the ideal optics and strength. Each ring is unique and exclusively One-of One. With fibrous interwoven hues, this jadeite has a rich-light green tone with splashes and streaks of Imperial Jadeite. Perfect luster and light, and no cracks or blemishes on the ring.

We pick the best rough jadeite stones and chose the best parts of them to create this series. Our Masters series is a collection of simply the best Jadeite has to offer. Each of these rings are certified by accredited Laboratories, and 100% Handmade and Machine finished in Hong Kong. Perfect to wear in the daytime or nighttime alike, this pairs well with formal and casual attire. 

Ring Size: US 4 

Dimensions: 22.54mm (length/Width) x 6.12mm (height), 3.85mm (band thickness), 15.10mm (Inner Diameter)

This ring is certified by the 'CGTC'' with the certificate number: 25240612149

Identification: Jadeite A-Class ring

Total weight: 3.58g 

Refractive Index: 1.66

Stock ID: A1MBAJIBR09003

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