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Ming Burmese A-Jade Ring (with 14K Yellow Gold)

Ming Burmese A-Jade Ring (with 14K Yellow Gold)

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The 'Ming Burmese A-Jade Ring' is our bold design created with Burmese A-Jadeite, and 14K Yellow Gold. The contrasting hues of Jadeite and Yellow Gold create a visually stunning ring.

Each Ring is unique with the variations of hues and patterns that occur in natural Jadeite. We pick marbling and intertwining effects of Burmese A-Jadeite, each one unique enough to be a fingerprint-esque identifier. 

Completely untreated, unenhanced and 100% natural Burmese A-Jadeite. Completely handmade, designed, cut, polished, and finished in Hong Kong.

Ring Sizes available (Size US 9.5 pictured)

Materials: 2.65g 14K Yellow Gold, 1.10g A-Jadeite

Dimensions: (For size US 9.5) 28 x 22 x 16.2 mm (19.3mm Inner Diameter)
(14 x 11mm Jadeite Cabochon)

Gross Weight: 3.75g

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