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Qīng Zhong Jade Pendant (with 14K Gold)

Qīng Zhong Jade Pendant (with 14K Gold)

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‘The Qīng Zhong Jade Pendant’ represent nature’s colors in Mandarin and means clear or pure. Its the medium sized 'Zhong' version of our 'Qing Jade Pendant'.

The Chinese character for Qing is composed of "water" (氵) and "azure" (青) which are associated to the water element in Chinese philosophy. The water imagery and clean silhouette of this pendant makes a striking impression and enhances the beauty of the jadeite stone in the center.

Crafted in 14K gold, the ‘Qīng Zhong Jade Pendant’ is handset with a beautiful green jade gemstone. Matching Qīng Zhong Jade ring and earrings are also available.

Materials: 0.45g 14K Gold, 0.39g Jadeite

Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 4.5 mm

Gross Weight: 0.85g
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